Open Component Project

A standard library of components, symbols, and footprints for use with EDA (electronic design automation) software

Finding the correct schematic symbols and footprints for components can be really time consuming when designing electronics. There are tons of different EDA software packages and file formats available, and depending on what you use, you might find that a certain footprint doesn't exist in the format you need. In addition, it can be confusing what size land pattern a footprint needs when everyone else uses their own version that has different dimensions.

The Open Component Project is an initiative that attempts to make it easier to catalog and share these files, as well as provide the same symbol or footprint in a variety of different formats.


Devices like resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.


The representation of a component on a schematic.


The layout of pads on a circuit board which leads of a component are then soldered to.

If you would like to add additional components/symbols/footprints or other information to this site, please send me an email.

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